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One Voice.  Many Styles.


 Bring your printed words to life through the power of my voice.   Together,  we can create just the right tone of the message to get your points across.  Whether that be assertive to zany or anything in between such as;  believable, friendly, light-hearted, sincere, trustworthy or many other styles.  Utilize my voice over narration skills to bring alive your thoughts in a way that will enhance your audience's interest and retention. 

Commercial demos

Demo track of various commercial takes.

Narration demos

Track of various styles of narration demos.

Online Business Explainer

Descriptive audio to go with video explaining how an app can help a business grow.

About Me


A Lifetime of Getting the Point Across


Kevin Karsner is a voice actor based in Louisville, KY.  His 30 years of experience encompass promoting businesses through commercials or telephony prompts, informing groups in person at trade shows and emceeing various events.  This type of work experience grants him a wealth of knowledge to lean on to bring your printed words to a higher level of interest and retention through voice over narration. 


How do I get it done

  With a fiber based home studio equipped with a Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation, Kevin is able to give full attention to your project.  This allows him to deliver prompt turn-around times globally and ensures quality control through all phases of your audio project. 


Many Styles


Kevin’s voice has been described as easy to listen to, engaging, friendly, trustworthy and believable to name a few.  Able to flex between many different vocal styles allows Kevin to handle multiple types of voice over scripts.  Whether you need a friendly conversation, a trustworthy spokesperson or an engaging narration, Kevin Karsner can be a one-stop resource for your vocal needs. 

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Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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